Current High Zeta



High Alpha

Nick LeGrand

  • Oversees the management of the chapter as the chapter’s chief executive officer
  • Ensures that officers conduct their duties properly



High Beta

Aaron Grah

  • Succeeds the High Alpha in his absence or disability
  • Ensures that all members are actively involved internally in chapter activities and externally in campus organizations and events
  • Assigns members to chapter committees and oversees the chapter committee structure



High Theta

Josh Loesche

  • Oversees the chapter’s public relations program and assures that positive relations are maintained with all of the Fraternity’s publics
  • Organizes the chapter’s community service efforts, including involvement in the North American Food Drive



High Gamma

Jeff Pasucal

  • Keeps accurate records and submits membership records to the Office of Administration
  • Oversees the chapter’s communication and correspondence program
  • Maintains chapter historical records



High Tau

Daniel Powell

  • Maintains the chapter’s financial records, collects dues and fees, and supervises chapter expenditures and transactions
  • Prepares the chapter budget with the assistance of the executive committee
  • Serves on the executive committee



High Iota

Eric Pan

  • Establishes the chapter’s risk management programs and coordinates safety measures for chapter activities, chapter house operations, and kitchen operations
  • Serves as chairman of the risk management task force
  • Ensures all functions are in compliance with the General Fraternity’s policies



High Kappa

Scott Wuebbels

  • Implements a year-round program of fraternal education for all members
  • Appoints a big brother coordinator to oversee the associate member orientation and big brother program, and ensures that associate members are integrated into all aspects of the chapter.
  • Works with the High Phi in implementing the pre-initiation activities.
  • Ensures that all forms of hazing and segregation of initiates and associate members are eliminated
  • Proposes candidates for initiation.



High Delta

Alex Cline

  • Oversees the chapter’s year-round membership recruitment campaign
  • Ensures that the chapter’s recruitment program is based on non-alcoholic functions
  • Proposes candidates for association and initiation
  • Educates members on effective recruitment skills



High Phi

Alex Morgan

  • Oversees the performances of the Fraternity’s rituals and ceremonies
  • Works with the High Kappa to implement the pre-initiation activities
  • Trains the Ritual teams and the Associate Member Ceremony team
  • Educates the entire membership about the teachings of our rituals
  • Cares for and secures the chapter’s ritual equipment



High Sigma

Carey Unthank

  • Maintains the academic records of all members
  • Works with the executive committee to enforce Lambda Chi Alpha’s academic standards
  • Provides academic assistance, encourages high scholarship, and provides cultural opportunities for all members



High Epsilon

Brett Sharpe

  • Plans and directs a diverse and interesting social program
  • Ensures that the chapter complies with all Lambda Chi Alpha alcohol and risk management policies
  • Implements a social awareness educational program



High Rho

Greg Sneed

  • Maintains accurate records of all chapter alumni
  • Obtains and distributes news to alumni through chapter-alumni newsletters
  • Plans functions and activities designed especially to build alumni involvement, such as Homecoming, Founders Day, sports activities, alumni reunions



High Pi

Justin Browne

  • Serves as the chief judicial officer of the chapter
  • Advises the chapter and its officers
  • Serves as the direct representative of the Grand High Zeta in the chapter and reports any violation of the laws or policies of the Fraternity
  • Serves as a voting member of the chapter’s executive committee
  • Serves as chairman of the chapter’s alumni advisory board and as a member of the alumni organization


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